Australian Creationist John Mackay will be touring

Australian Creationist John Mackay will be touring the UK next spring.

CSM have arranged for him to speak in Portsmouth in a Georgian Theatre, built 1784, about half a mile from the Genesis Expo. Kill two birds with one stone: Hear this world-famous Creationist and visit the UK’s only creationist exhibition.

Title: “From Adam to Australia!” New research reaffirms the bible, Creation the Flood and Babel - It’s all true! Come see what they just have found downunder with the Creation Guy John Mackay

Or for an extended visit, include a tour of the Historic Portsmouth Dockyard (near the Expo) that harbours HMS Victory, Nelson’s flagship at Trafalgar; HMS Warrior, the first iron-clad warship that rendered all others obsolete; and The Mary Rose, Henry VIII’s ship sunk in 1545 and preserved in the silt of the Solent until restored in the 20th Century. The Gunwharf shopping centre is also within a stone’s throw. Portsmouth, being a seaside city, is awash with hotels and guest houses.

Venue: The Groundling Theatre, 42 Kent Street, Portsmouth, PO1 3BS

Date/time: Saturday 9th April 2016, 2-30 to 5 pm (doors open 2 pm)

We regret that this English Heritage theatre has no wheel-chair access.

Travel: The Portsmouth Transport Interchange for trains (Portsmouth Harbour Station), buses, taxis and IOW ferry, exactly opposite the Genesis Expo, is half a mile west of the theatre. There is a multi-storey carpark nearby. On the M275 into the city there is a Park & Ride that takes you to the Transport Interchange.

Andrew Sibley debating Intelligent Design

Where? Vintner's Pub 10- 12 Warwick Street, Worthing, West Sussex
BN11 3DL

When? 14 April 2014 8pm

Who? John Richards and Andrew Sibley

What's the talk about? This is the first in what, hopefully, will become a series of debates at Worthing Skeptics. 

On this occasion, Andrew Sibley will propose the motion and John Richards (Yes, moi) will oppose it, with the Chair being occupied by Gareth Walsh, our Treasurer. 

Andrew studied Intelligent Design when he did an MPhil in Theology and also has an MSc in Environmental Decision Making.

John Richards is a retired Science teacher MA(Ed) BSc (and by the time of this event I may have started a PhD...)

The format of the event has been agreed as follows: A coin will be tossed to decide who goes first and, following introductions, each speaker will have 25 minutes to make their case followed by a 5 minute rebuttal/winding up. We will then take a twenty minute comfort break and return for questions from the audience.

Is Intelligent Design the Best Explanation for the Complexity of Living Organisms?