The old National Provincial Bank on Portsmouth Hard is now home to CSM's Genesis Exhibition, the first of its kind in the UK on this scale - The EXPO is now OPEN again !.


Greeting the visitors in the entrance hall is "Boris", a giant 20 ft. long model of a dinosaur. Children are fascinated by him. There are also many books and videos on display for sale. Each has been selected to be of good quality and approved in that the creation information it contains is generally conforming to the views held by the CSM Council. The Genesis Expo This consists of 12 dioramas and a clutch of real fossilised dinosaur eggs.

The 12 dioramas are on creation themes and they use computer-run lighting sequences to highlight the commentary on each. The commentary can be heard on individual earphones - 4 at each booth. The whole display takes about 35 minutes to see and listen to. In the dioramas a wide range of topics is examined and some of the displays are animated. The topics covered include - * The impossibility of life forming from chemicals. * Chinese calligraphy refers back to Genesis.
* The present day forms remain unchanged from their fossil counterparts. * Geological sediments are laid down rapidly. * A study of genetics shows that all humanity came from one man and one woman. * and many other subjects.

They are all presented in an easily understood form for those with little knowledge of the enormous amount of scientific evidence that is against evolution and supports creation. The Expo is now online and you can view some of the information contained in the dioramas by clicking through the page buttons on the top right of this front page. We hope you enjoy reading through the site. View a selection of comments from the visitor book.

Why not visit us on The Hard in Portsmouth?

We are open 11 am to 4 pm Tuesdays to Saturdays and bank holidays throughout the year. We close 24 December to 2 January.  

The Expo is a minutes walk from the railway station at Portsmouth Harbour, opposite the bus station, and within view of the historic dockyard and HMS Warrior. Plenty to see for a whole day out for all the family.

Click this link to view map of location - you can zoom in and out to find us