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The Creation Science Movement is the oldest creationist movement in the world; founded in 1932 as the Evolution Protest Movement by leading members of the Victoria Institute who were concerned at the scientific, ethical and theological consequences that belief in Evolution brings to society.

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The Authenticity of the Book of Jonah




The Authenticity of the New Testament - Pt 1 The Gospels


The Authenticity of the book of Daniel


Cracking the Darwin Code


The Authenticity of the Book of Genesis


When Fables Fall


Pamphlet 381 Lulworth Cove: Formed by a colossal flood


Pamphlet 380 The Gospel according to Isaac: The foreknowle


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  1. Pamphlet 090 Mammoth and the Flood
  2. The Sinking Sands of Evolution Theory (SSETd)
  3. Pamphlet 342 Unto us a Child is born
  4. Incredible creatures that defy evolution I (ICDE1v/Id)
  5. Pamphlet 253 Food for Thought
  6. The Origin of the Universe (OUv)
  7. The Authenticity of the Book of Genesis