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The Rise of the Evolution Fraud - 2nd Ed. (REFb)


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Now available. Few realise that the theory of evolution was imposed upon an unwitting public by the long term efforts of a small group of men working together behind the scenes. Lyell wrote about the supposed 'long ages' of geology deliberately to undermine the 'Mosaic account', i.e. Genesis. Lyell then manipulated Darwin, fresh from the Beagle and still a creationist to write about Evolution.

This allowed the anti-Christians to then claim that “science” had no need of God - with all the social repercussions that would follow. The nine members of the anti-Christian “X-Club”, now in full control of all the major scientific institutions, ensured that only papers supporting evolution were published, and that only evolutionists were appointed to the newly emerging universities. This second edition reveals that this was only part of a much larger conspiracy by revolutionists to overthrow the members of the Anglican church who held all the important scientific posts - and ultimately the monarchy. The links between evolutionists and revolutionists are exposed, and the decline of this nation and others is demonstrated. The takeover of the Royal Society by ridiculing references to God, and many other similar subterfuges - are set out.

Additional Subjects of the 2nd edition:

The 1986 Oxford Union debate about evolution vs. creation that was so damaging to evolution that it was expunged from their records! The furious debates between evolutionists and mathematicians that had little publicity.

The atheist's takeover of the Royal Society (that was started by Puritans) by ridiculing any mention of God. The conspiracy behind evolution that was part of a much larger political revolution.

Christian compromises with evolution examined. The disastrous laws against family life by the Bolsheviks after the Russian revolution that had to be rescinded.

Are creation and evolution truly scientific? The Evolutionist's bleak future. Did Britain have a special place in God's plans? - and much else!

Contents of the 1st Edition still in the 2nd Edition:

Foreward by Henry M. Morris: "Malcolm Bowden has placed the whole subject in a new perspective.. a book that can make a vital contribution. I am pleased and honoured to commend it to the thoughtful study of readers everywhere. Darwin's "Origin of Species" was used by those wishing to overthrow the Bible.

Charles Lyell The Man Behind The Scenes: His "Principles of Geology" was a deliberately written to overthrow "The Mosaic account" i.e. the Genesis account in the Bible.

The Beagle Voyage: Darwin was a creationist throughout the Beagle voyage.

The X Club: This was a small group of only 9 people holding all the important positions in the British scientific "establishment" who conspired to force the theory upon the nation. They ensured that only evolution would be taught in our universities. Examples of the present-day barriers facing creationists for promotion etc.

The So-Called Sell-Out of the 1st Edition of Darwin's Book 'Origins of Species': This was only the normal pre-publication booking by agents.

The Huxley Wilberforce Debate at Oxford: This was far from being a victory for evolutionists. Huxley did not really challenge Wilberforce with his "monkey" jibe.

The powerful propaganda machine run by evolutionists has claimed this defeat as a "victory" and "turning point" for their campaign.

The Link Between Evolutionists and Revolutionists: The Lunar Society consisted of a mixture of businessmen involved in the mechanical inventions behind the Industrial Revolution, evolutionists and those who supported the French Revolution. Several links between well know evolutionists and revolutionists are traced.

The Moral Implications: The repercussion of the acceptance of the theory of evolution are demonstrated in social conditions and the quality of life of those anti-Christian nations that have adopted the theory uncritically.

Did Darwin Return to Christianity: A preliminary examination of the evidence suggests that he may have done. [Since the first edition, James Moore in his "The Darwin Legend" has criticised this account - yet he admits that Darwin probably DID invite Lady Hope to his house! I examine this whole subject in detail in “True Science agrees with the Bible”. See the synopsis in - Section 6 - Item 6.]


The Rise of the Evolution Fraud - 2nd Ed. (REFb)

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